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What do the Numbers on a Chainsaw Chain Mean?


If you are searching for what do the numbers on a chainsaw chain mean, you have entered a suitable place. Like chainsaws, chains do vary depending on their size, applications, and strength. Thus, it is no big surprise that each chain has some novel highlights that distinguish it from different chains.

Various kinds of chains bear distinctive part numbers joined to their bodies. You will several significant part numbers on every chainsaw chain. All in all, what do the numbers on a chainsaw chain mean?

Ordinarily, the numbers on a chainsaw chain incorporate gauge, pitch, and drive links. Here is a bit more about the numbers.

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Gauge is the calculation used to depict the width of a chainsaw chain’s drive links. The higher the measure, the more extensive the links. It’s useful to know this since, in such a case that you don’t know about the gauge rating on a chain, you can check it effectively by estimating the width of the drive link. At the point when you’re picking a chainsaw chain, getting the right gauge is basic, since that will decide whether you have a legitimate fit with your chainsaw’s bar groove.

A chain’s drive links are the piece of the chain that slides around the bar groove, permitting the chain to stick to the body of the chainsaw. If your chain’s drive links have some unacceptable gauge, they will either be too enormous or excessively little for the bar groove.

When the gauge is excessively little, you risk tossing your chain, which can be very hazardous. You would likewise struggle to keep the chain set up and will be unable to complete a cut by any means. When the gauge is too large, it will not find a way into the bar groove in any case. For a chain to be viable with your chainsaw, it needs to coordinate with the gauge rating of your chainsaw’s bar.

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The pitch is determined as the distance between 3 bolts, separated by 2. This is a proportion of the distance between your chain’s links. It’s somewhat more convoluted to gauge the pitch physically.

You can find the chain pitch using the chain markings. It’s likewise ordinarily imprinted on the bundling and you can get it there.

When searching for viable chains, you can find the pitch you need for your chainsaw, by taking a look at the data passed on the chainsaw bar.

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To have the total arrangement of chain estimations, you’re likewise going to require one other snippet of data: how long the chain ought to be. The length of chainsaw chains isn’t estimated in inches or CM. Chains are estimated by the number of links.

For instance, rather than saying a chain is 16 inches in length, it would say something like “68 links”. If you have a chain as of now, it’s not difficult to decide the number of links, simply count them. This passes by drive links, so ensure those are the links you’re checking.

Like gauge and pitch, the number of links will likewise impact whether the chain is viable with your chainsaw. You can find the link check that is viable with your chainsaw, stepped into the side of the chainsaw bar. We trust we have been fruitful in clarifying “what do the numbers on a chainsaw chain mean”. Ideally, this article encourages you to understand the numbers on the saw chain and recognize the correct chain for your chainsaw.

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