Poulan Chainsaw Stalls When Giving it Gas


If your chainsaw fires up with a puttering sound yet kicks the bucket when you pull the throttle, there likely is an issue with the fuel, yet the carburetor could require adjustment. If the saw slows down while it’s standing by, it’s without a doubt a misadjusted carburetor. Before you change the carburetor or change the fuel, however, it’s important to ensure the motor is getting all the air it needs for appropriate fuel burning. Below are some common reasons including the ones mentioned above why the Poulan chainsaw stall when giving it gas.


Air Supply System

The air supply is just about as necessary as fuel supply in any internal ignition motor. Any inward or outside factor prompting less produce of flammable air brings about stalling. This is mostly attributed to blocked channels due to long functioning hours, and less air supply to the carburetor. These can be followed by smoking because of the rich fuel and oil combination. The answer to this issue is using compressed air to clean the carburetor jets and sections.

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The carburetor may be closed up. An obstructed carburetor is regularly brought about by leaving fuel in the chainsaw for an extensive time. Over the long haul, a portion of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving a thicker, stickier substance. This tacky fuel can obstruct the carburetor and prompt the chainsaw motor to slow down. If the carburetor is obstructed, take a try at cleaning it with carburetor cleaner. If cleaning the carburetor isn’t useful, revamp or replace the whole carburetor.

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Fuel Filter

The fuel filter may be obstructed. A stopped-up fuel filter is regularly brought about by leaving old fuel in the chainsaw. Over the long haul, a portion of the mendings in the fuel may vanish, giving up a thicker, stickier substance. This tacky fuel can stop up the fuel filter and cause the motor to slow down. If old fuel was left in the trimming tool, filter the old fuel from the gas tank and replace the fuel filter.

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Air Filter

The air filter might be obstructed or filthy. If the air filter is obstructed, the motor will get a lot of fuel and insufficient air. Thus, the motor may slow down or run ordinarily. Check the air filter to decide whether it is obstructed. If the air filter is obstructed, replace it.

Solving slowing down problems are for the most part referred to as checkups. These strategies help in improving your chainsaw execution.

They incorporate evaluation of spark plugs, filters, and carburetor changes. Sparkplugs are a test of the efficiency of your chainsaw. A dirty accessory means that a rich fuel combination bringing about continuous failing.

Depleted plugs could mean the fuel burning is too high or high ethanol focus. To fix this, replace the dirty plugs with another one to forestall failing when cutting wood. Guarantee you change the carburetor to reduce the amount of gas used.

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