Husqvarna is a renowned chainsaw company that offers a large line of gas and battery-powered chainsaws for professionals and homeowners alike. They virtually make products in all shapes and sizes with a plethora of features and have something for everyone. But if one has to pick one from these models which are “one size that almost fits all” it is the Husqvarna 440

The Husqvarna 440 is user-friendly and includes all of the company’s latest features that enhance its efficiency as well as user comfort. Usually, chainsaws of this magnitude are quite heavy and unmanageable but on the contrary, the 440 weight is quite moderate but its power exceeded the expectations to do even the heavy-duty Jobs of not only taking down not only middle-sized but big trees as well.

The Husqvarna 440, right now, is one of the most talked about chainsaws in the lumberjack community. And the reason behind it is quite clear and not so clear. Although it offers some top notch features as enlisted below, there are also some downsides which come with it, as nothing is perfect. Today we will take a look at the reason behind its popularity and evaluate it in this article of Husqvarna 440 chainsaw review, whether it’s worth the hype or not.

A Quick Look–Husqvarna 440

Engine power40.9 cc
Power output2.4 hp
Weight15.1 lbs.
Max length18 in.
Max power speed9000 rpm
Fuel capacity12.5 fl.oz.
Sound level112 dB

Fuel Efficient

The heavy-duty chainsaw not only gives the impression of brute power enough to tear through the trees but also of a machine that chugs in lots of fuel. Rather than being compact and elegant they are all buffed and muscular making a lot of commotion.But thanks to the Husqvarna’s X-Torq engine, it sips fuel rather than gulping it. Hence Maximizing the efficiency of the fuel intake. This not only reflects in terms of money being saved on fuel but also on the exhaust fumes. Which is a good thing for the environment as well as in terms of cleaner operating air.


Durable Engine Build

The forged three-piece crankshaft and the air injection system are instrumental in prolonging the Husqvarna 440’s life by bringing down wear and tear. The air injection system collects all large pieces of debris before they can make it to the air filter. This means low maintenance time as well as extending the time of operation where the engine is stressed by lack of oxygen. Talking of forged crankshaft it is a stronger and more durable piece of machinery than its predecessors which adds to its longevity.


18-Inch Bar

The 18-inch bar on the Husqvarna 440 is ideal for pruning, shrubbery, limbing, small trees, and more that too without putting a lot of exertion on the user. It is what also makes it quite versatile and best suited for most of the jobs one could think of with a chainsaw.


Increased Safety

The Husqvarna 440 comes with an Inertia activated chain brake which ensures that in case of a slip-up, everything gets under control real quick and there’s no damage from the impact.



Another great feature designed to reduce the vibration levels effectively that is passed to the operator. This in turn lessens the fatigue that arises from long working hours in this unit.


Tight Chain

Changing the chain is quite a challenging task. But when it comes to Husqvarna 440 it is quite easy to do so. The chain also remains quite tight and in place while doing the job. In Addition to that, it barely needs any adjusting in between the work like most of the other chainsaws does.


Hard To Start

This is where things get a bit tricky as the engine is very hard to start but one can appreciate the fact that the width of the handle is more than the usual this makes it easier to pull the string. Tricks such as the push button to put gas into the carburettor did not work and it almost takes a good amount of will and determination to get it going.


What the Users Say

It is pivotal in reviewing a product that one should look from the perspective of all the users who have experience of many years in the field with the tools in question. Hence, after going through many reviews and comments of certified users the following conclusion can be drawn.

People at large who have used it and have appreciated its comfort to operate as well as the precise cut that can be given using it. Apart from that, the users who have bought it for up-close work were not disappointed, as a larger saw here would have been much more hazardous.

Talking about the things that people didn’t appreciate was the weight and size mismatch and some also mentioned the durability of the construction. But all in all, it wasn’t much of a deal-breaker for anyone. Lastly, a few users have also reported facing problems with the startup issue in comparison to other Husqvarna chainsaws.


In the end, it comes down to the fact that an average homeowner or experienced professional hands or wields this tool. As for the professional, it may be an obvious thing to point out its weight to power mismatch and it may put them off. But for the homeowner who does not notice or want to care about it as long as they can deliver a precise cut where they want, they are satisfied with it.

Apart from that Husqvarna 440 makes up for a great change so if I have the skill to get it started. As the problem persists in the start it becomes relevantly easy After a few start-ups as the machine gets warmed up. after a few start-ups as the machine gets warmed up. Talking about the performance, the large bar conveniently cuts through the shrub, trees and the middle to big size trees with the blade not losing its edge very soon like many chains.

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