How to Use Electric Chainsaw Sharpener?


We all know that technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace and going from an axe to a chainsaw might just be one of the greatest revolutionary advancements that we have experienced in the history of the tool. Today we can use a chainsaw for cutting down and cutting up of trees like a breeze. But no matter how large and how powerful a chainsaw we may have with a dull saw chain it won’t cut anything as it is meant to cut or it even won’t cut anything at all. But the great news here is that we can sharpen it in a matter of minutes, unlike other power-cutting tools.

But before that here is a little tip on how to recognize that if our chainsaw needs some sharpening or not. All we need to do for it is to look and examine how the wood is being expelled by the saw. If the chain is sharp it is bound to spread out thin shavings. On its contrary, if it’s full then it gives out fine wood dust.


File Sharpening

One way to sharpen the chain in our chainsaw is by the use of a file. We have to hand-sharpen the dull chainsaw which is very time-consuming and slow. But on its contrary, once we can go for the electric chainsaw sharpener with which the process can go surprisingly faster.

The chainsaw consists of a series of teeth that have sharp and semi-circle cutting edges. The diameter of these ages where is from one saw to another but generally, it’s 5/32 inch, 3/16 inch, or 7/32 inch. To sharpen these curved cutting edges, we must get around the file that is made according to their specific diameter

We should take care of one thing here that not to sharpen the “rakers”. They are flat pieces of metal in between each cutting tooth and are typically short in height as compared to the cutting teeth. As basically their purpose is to just act as depth gauges that can help in controlling the depth of the cut into the wood. If we want consistent and accurate results then we should make sure while hand filing the saw chain, that we mount the file into a sharpening guide.

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Chainsaw File Guide

Before getting started we should know the diameter of the cutting ages as well as the pitch or rake angle of the cutting edges. We can easily find both pieces of this information in its manual. The next thing we should do is use the permanent marker to mark the first cutting tooth that we are going to sharpen. As it is important to know from where we started the sharpening of the cutting tooth.

Now we have to take the sharpening guide and place it on top of the saw with the file resting against the cutting tooth that we have marked with ink. Now by slightly adjusting the guide and place the blade in the chainsaw sharpener’s holder and then adjust the angle.

Generally for the best results, one needs to select the angles ranging usually between 0 degrees and 60 degrees. But in some rare cases, the angle could go to 80 degrees. We need to go for the angle that is apt for the blade tooth angle in our chainsaw sharpener, it can be done easily by loosening a knob located on the blade’s holder.

Once everything is in place the sharpening process can be commenced. To begin with, we need to switch on the grinder and slowly lower it on the blade’s first inked marked tooth. As it will come in contact with the tooth there will be some sparks. The contact needs to be established for a short period followed by the lifting of the grinder. After that its tooth’s inner surface needs to be checked for having a shiny sharp finish.

Now after this there is more tooth to go. One by one every tooth needs to be sharpened in the same fashion. But throughout this process, the grinder will be needing some readjustment. As if was set to 30 degrees on the positive it will be needed to be changed to 30 degrees negative. After doing the next set of the teeth can be sharpened easily. By following the above steps the chainsaw blade can be sharpened with much ease. Only one thing is needed to be assured that not to miss any step or tooth in the process. In addition to this is highly advised to use some protective gear to keep oneself safe.

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