How to use an Electric sharpener to sharpen the chainsaw blade?


Just like other power tools, a chainsaw requires regular maintenance to maintain its functionality. The blade is the essential part of the chainsaw and without a proper working blade, the saw is useless. You will always need a sharp blade to cut through trees or wood and for that chainsaw sharpener is the best tool to make your blade sharp.

To make the sharping process faster and precise electric chainsaw sharpener is the best option. These sharpeners strip away deeper with every go, so that you can achieve more in minimal effort.

The process of sharpening the blade can be hard and challenging for beginners.

So, here is the step-by-step process of sharpening a chain saw blade with an electric sharpener.


Understand blade specification:

Before you do the blade sharpening, you should understand the specification of the blade. Manufacture usually indicates the pitch and the gauge of the blade. If you cannot find this information on your blade you can go to the shop or you can search online about it.

If you want to measure the blade, pick the right stone for sharpening, and this process can affect the quality of the result.

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When you get the knowledge of the pitch and gauge of the blade, you can put it for sharpening. Try to place your electric sharpener on a stable surface like ground. This will protect your sharpener from shaking, which can highly affect the final result.

Some chainsaw sharpeners come with a bench-mount design. They are easy to use and the bench stability makes it easy to position the blade.

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Installing the sharpening stone:

You need to install a sharpening stone after you prepare the sharpener.

You can select the sharpening stone on the base of the blade, this will ensure to fit the gap between the teeth of the chainsaw’s blade.

The most common sharpening stone is measured with a width of 1/16. But the width can be different for other sharpening stones for the different blades.

Always make sure to use the sharpening stone that fits your blade.

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Prepping the chain:

You can use any solvent for your choice to clean the chain. After applying the solvent keep the chain dry out completely. After the chain is dry, fit the chain into sliding tracks, remember to lock the chain by lowering the chain stop and confirm that the stop rest on the tooth of the chain.

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Now place the blade in a chainsaw’s sharpener holder, then for effective sharpening, you need to adjust the angle between 0 degrees to 60 degrees.

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Adjust the depth:

Always ensure that the depth matches the specific blade you are sharpening. This adjustment can prevent the sharpener from cutting too deep into the blade.

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Well, now you are all set to do the sharpening of the blade. Now lower the grinder wheel on the first tooth of the blade. You can see the sparks when it makes contact with the blade. Lift the grinder and check the tooth, if it looks shiny and bright, means you are successful and continue the same processor for other teeth. But remember after every sharpening you need to readjust the grinder.

There are three types of grinders available in the market Manual, electric, and battery-powered. Choose the one in which you feel comfortable working.

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