How to use a Chainsaw to Slice Woods?


A chainsaw is a portable saw that can be powered by gasoline, electricity, or by battery. It cuts with a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain along with a controller bar. One of the fastest ways to cut wood is to use a chainsaw as it can slice any type of tree-like butter. Aside from cutting large chunks of wood, it can also cut smaller pieces. The only thing you have to do is to learn how to tame a chainsaw and you can cut almost any type and size of wood.

Here is how you cut wood by chainsaw.


Wear protective clothing:

Cutting wood will be very dangerous with a chainsaw if you don’t wear any protective wear. Thick gloves, long sleeves, and protective goggles are the best protective wear you can use.

These thick gloves and long sleeves will protect your arm and hand from the bits of wood that will fly when you cut woods.

Goggles will protect your eyes, and if possible wear a helmet to protect your head if you planning to slice many pieces.

You can also make a use of dust mask to protect your breathing during wood cutting.

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Prepare the wood you need to cut:

When you are planning to cut a tree, just mark a sign on the tree 15cm above the ground. This will protect the chainsaw from hitting the ground and you can slice through wood cleanly. you can put a piece of wood to support the tree that can be placed under the tree.

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Locate knots on the wood:

When you start, try to find out the knots in the tree so that you can easily avoid them. Cutting a knot with a saw is hard and dangerous and always try to avoid them. The knot is mainly a circular area where the wood is condensed.

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Measure and Mark:

If you want a precise cut, you have to measure and mark the point where you want to cut. You can choose how thick you want to cut, use a permanent marker to mark the spots where you want to cut. To make a proper cut you should a masking tape to wrap around the tree so that you can see where to cut.

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Time to make the cut:

Now here is the time you are waiting to cut the tree. Hold the hand saw with safety with both your hands. Hold the saw 4 to 5 inches above the tree where you have put the mark. Put your left thumb around the handle of the grip and slowly lower the chainsaw to the tree chunk.

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Learn to control chainsaw:

Don’t get scared by the sound of it, just focus on the cutting and you can control the chainsaw with ease. To save yourself from kickback, wrap your thumb around the grip. Put a small amount of pressure to push the chainsaw downward through the trunk of the tree. Do it slowly and firmly for the perfect cut.

After you put the saw through the wood, move the slice out and repeat the process if you want to continue the cutting. After you finish the work turn off the saw and place it on the table for safety.

If you want to choose a battery-powered chainsaw go for DeWALT’S 60-volt model.

If you like an electric one then you can opt for Worx electric chainsaw with 4hp engine power and 200 ml of oil gauge, but if you are a fan of gas chainsaw, just go for Paulan Pro with 17-pound weight and 50cc engine power this is one of the best saw you can get in the market.

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