How to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain?


After storing the chainsaw for a long time, it is often seen that the chainsaw gets a tangled saw chain. But when it comes to untangling this mess, it is not as easy as untangling the earphones. But if there is a pressing need of carrying forward the cutting operations then there are not many options if one does not know how to untangle the chainsaw chain. As a result of which either the cutting operation is will have to be postponed or resort to the old school way of using an inefficient saw. But with the following steps, anyone can easily along with utmost safety untangle the saw chain.


Step 1:

Get the Chain Prepared:

Everyone has the chain in different conditions and positions and needs to be taken care of accordingly. The chain can be new or old can be jammed in the chainsaw or not. Given that all of the possible situations have been listed below with a proper course of action.

  • If it’s a new chain, its edges must be sharp and one must wear chainsaw gloves to avoid cutting a finger or hand.
  • If it’s an old chain, the use of lubricant oil is a must to keep it smooth. Here the trick is to evenly oil it rather than sprinkling it here and there. In case if the chain is too much rusted then an oil bath is suggested.
  • If it’s jammed in the chainsaw, the use of a screwdriver or Allen branch to get out showing that the real work of untangling begins.
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Step 2:

Finding Two Opposite Loops of the Chain:

This is where the starting point is it mostly gets a bit complicated. It is not as complicated as it looks as the only thing one needs to do is look for the best to opposite loops. After spotting both loops one needs to insert his hands between the loops and suspended them down by holding the two loops. This could help in solving the tangling condition if it is not a much-complicated chain. If it’s so, then this will help in reducing the complications of the tangles. Followed by which next step is needed to be followed. Keep your hands on two opposite loops and use the slack on the chain to make the chain bigger from one side until it converts into one single loop.

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Step 3:

Convert Two Loops to One Loop:

In this step, the two stubborn loops need to be converted into one big loop. But the question is once discovering the two opposite loops off the chain; it simply needs to be converted into one bigger loop until it becomes one single loop. For the same purpose, one requires to keep their hands on two opposite loops, and by utilizing the slack on the chain make it larger. Once you have discovered the lowest part, let it take an exact straight down (it looks like a vertical position). Once you keep the lower part vertically, now you can easily lift the part, untangle the chain because of the gravitational force.

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Step 4:

Untangling the Chain:

Sufficient slacking the chain will be converted into an open-loop chain which just needs to be tangled now. Do it is required to keep both hands on-chain and look out for the lowest part of it. After discovering the lowest part our aim to get into the exact straight down position. Once it is there it can be easily lifted from various parts that will help alone untangling it largely because of the gravitational force One looks behind the science this process simple as when more energy is provided against gravity. The gravity starts pulling it down which helps in opening up the distorted part of the chain automatically

Like this, all the distorted parts of the chain can be easily opened up by following this step of making two loops from 2/3 more times and carrying on until all of these distorted portions gets open up.

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Step -5:

Spreading Them One by One:

Atlas even after following each of these tricks if it’s still stuck there and the chain entanglement hasn’t made any progress it’s time to dive in deeper. By that, it means taking a more detailed and focused approach by targeting every distorted portion and focusing on each of them.

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