How to Tighten Chainsaw Chain?


One of the important issues that every chainsaw user should know is how to tension the chainsaw because an incorrect tensioned chain can easily affect the performance of the chainsaw and also can affect your own safety.

If the chain is too loose, it can jump off your chainsaw that has the potential to form any type of injury to your body. If the chain is too tight, it can grind out your motor or can damage the chainsaw.

The first thing to put in mind is to cool down your chainsaw; it only takes a few couple of minutes. This is because the blade of the saw will be hot due to the slicing and cutting of woods, so naturally it is going to be slightly in an expanded state. If you try to tighten it when it’s hot when the chain cools down it will contract and attached to the bar so hard that it will become very hard for you to move it. If the chain is too tight that you cannot move with your hands it becomes unsafe to work with it.

Here is the step by step method to tighten the chainsaw chain:


Step 1:

Put the cooled-down chainsaw on a stable surface, and try to locate the chain tension adjustment screw. Mainly the adjustment screw is located between the guide bar and inside the bucking teeth or between the two bar nut on the other side.


Now after locating the adjustment screws, make sure that you can clearly see the head. Now lose up the two bar nuts on the clutch cover. This will help you to adjust the pin of chain tension. Don’t try to take off the nuts, just lose them enough so that you can able to move the bar up and down by holding its nose. Make sure to turn off the engine before moving to the next step.


Before you start to screw adjustment, just make sure to hold it by the nose. All this is just to ensure that the chain does not become loose while cutting the tree. The guide bar is going to rise, pivoting around the bar studs as you are going to cut the wood, this upward movement will change chain tension.


Use a screwdriver to increase or decrease the chain tension. If you turn the screw clockwise it will increase the tension of the chain, and if you move it counterclockwise it will decrease the tension. But if you have a brand new chainsaw, you have to make a few full turns of the screw to get the proper chain tension.


When the chain is adjusted enough with the bar so that you can not see any light between the chain and the bar rails, now it is time to test the tension with your fingers. Now with your thumb and index finger, give a light tug at the bottom section of the chain loop. It should easily snap back.

Many professionals also recommend that you move the chain around the guide bar with your hands to check the tension.


Now when the tension is adjusted properly, it is time to tighten the nuts.

Just take the wrench side of your scrunch and try to tighten those nuts on the clutch cover. Here you are finished with the job of tightening the chainsaw blade and now try to use it to cut something, if it works properly its good, if not try to do the steps once again with safety.

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