How to Sharpen a Chainsaw with Dremel?


Dremel is an American brand and is mainly used for its rotating tools.

All the Dremels and their rotating tools are very high quality and very effective for sharpening your chainsaw. It provides different tools for different chainsaws.

Here is how you should

Sharpen your Chainsaw with Dremel Tools:


Assembling the tool:Heading

The first thing to do before sharpening your chainsaw is to assemble all the tools that are required for sharpening the chainsaw. It will be a good thing if you have a tarp, a Dremel attached with a diamond sharpening, for eyes, have safety goggles, lubricant oil as well as safety gloves for hands.

All these tools are required for sharpening the chainsaw.

Find a comfortable open area where you don’t strain yourself while sharpening the chainsaw.

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Safety when sharpening the chainsaw:

Always wear proper safety gear while sharpening the chainsaw, whether you are in a garage or in an open place. Wear proper safety gloves to protect your hands from sharp tools and safety goggles to protect your eyes from iron specs.

Safety is the first thing you should have in mind before sharpening the chainsaw because preventing is better than treating.

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Start by removing the blade:

This is the step where you have to use a Dremel sharpener for sharpening the chainsaw. Removing the blade is the best advice from the manufacturer’s manual to avoid damage to the blade. You can find some chainsaws in the market that you can easily sharpen with modules in the frames.

Well, when you remove the blade it becomes an easy job to sharpen the blade, as you can sharpen each individual blade one by one and it takes less time and fast work.

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Using Dremel effectively:

You can use Dremel for various purposes and this is the best thing about it.

The Dremel tool has a strong handheld base and a universal head that you can use to attach several tools. When you switch on the Dremel tool, its head starts rotating and this rotating thing is used for sharpening the chainsaw.

First, try to find out a cylindrical container that is attached to the centre along with the square slab. The diameter of the cylindrical container should be similar to the one on the hole that is placed on the chainsaw blade. Ensure that the square slab should have a wooden slab on the lower side.

For effective sharpening make sure that the chisel should be attached to other slabs to ensure that the cylinder and the Dremel are placed in a good position. Put the blade in the bottle and allowed them to rest on the slab. Now try to turn on the Dremel diamond sharpener and just run it free for a while. The last thing is to check that the blade should pass through the tool while rotating it on the next tooth.

Repeat this process for every blade.

When you use the Dremel remember to use it from your right-hand side. If you want to put your Dremel in the right position, just remove and flip it. If you want to make your blade sharper, put some pressure on the edge of all the teeth of the chain against your Dremel’s blade for a small amount of time.

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