How to mill lumber with a CHAINSAW


Today is challenging times, especially for the people who are in often need of buying good quality timber. It is mainly because of things such as the rise in the price of good boards as well as because of various agencies shutting down the mills that are used to make plywood. Apart from this Timber companies also do not have much old-growth forest from which they can choose from. Most of the timber that is affordable is cut from the new-growth pine

If one is looking forward to going for cherry, oak or popular they are very much expensive. One of the most affordable easy solution project number crises to simply make points on boards by cutting the trees of one’s liking

We can find many methods for making such boards from trees. That includes highly expensive equipment as well as outsourcing of the work. If we consider portable sawmills that can be installed in our backyard to make board it can cost us several thousand dollars. On the other hand if one decides to cut down his own trees and send them to the mill for the process. The transportation cost of the same from sending and bringing back the finished products far exceed the overall cost of purchasing them.

Therefore today one of the most affordable and practical solutions for us is to go for making boards at home itself with the help of a chain saw. What all we need for it, is a large saw and a special kind of device fitted onto the chainsaw bar. After that, any kind of board can be made easily with just a few pennies. Once we made the same we can mill through any tree regardless of its size or toughness and carve boards of any length or thickness with much ease.

So the special kind of this can be made easier with the following things for which one will need the following wooden pieces, beams, joists and walls, a frame, a surface to which the chainsaw bar can be bolted. After that, it gave to be assembled to make the mill frame that has to bolt to the chainsaw bar. After that, we will be needing muffler clamps for holding the settings and to determine the thickness of the boards. And lastly, a metal-edged starter board to make the first cut flat and straight.

Before starting the action, one side of the tree needs to be milled to have a flat surface. This initial cut not the same as the subsequent cuts that we are about to make. This is because in order to begin we must have a flat surface to rest the mill on. Therefore this beginning cut is made with a starter board. A starter board is a 10 feet longboard with steel sides running the length of both sides of the board. The length of the starter board is essential because that is what going to determine the length of boards that are to be milled. A ten-foot starter board is of ideal length for most cases. Once the initial cut is made we will be able to put the log on the flat side.

A starter board is able to last for years together. Once we have it along with the chainsaw lumber-maker, any length board is possible with the length of starter board required. Once we have this chainsaw lumber-maker, there will be never again the fuss of going and buying the lumber again. And by using it we can build even substructure to the roof just from the trees in the back woodlot. Apart from that these milling boards are also very environment friendly and gives us an easy option for us to recycle unwanted trees.

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