How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar?


Chainsaws are extremely powerful devices for cutting trees, pruning branches, and significantly more – however for them to work at their best, you need to have every one of the right parts. More than this, if you use some unacceptable bar or a foul-fitting chain, it could even be dangerous to use a chainsaw.

You should have the option to track down every one of the numbers you require in your user manual, however, if you have lost it or it is generally inaccessible, there are several different ways to work it out yourself. Here is a set of steps to help you measure a chainsaw bar.

How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar?

The chainsaw bars come in various sizes. Strong chainsaws accompany 20-inch bars and the less sturdy ones accompany 18 inches or lesser. The least difficult approach to apprehend the bar size is by checking the user manual of the chainsaw. Each model accompanies a user manual that indicates the length of the bar in inches.

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Steps to Measure your Chainsaw Bar:

Remove the Chainsaw Housing:

Remove the two nuts screwed into the housing situated close to the handle with a bunch of attachments. These two nuts secure the housing to cover the edge. Whenever you have taken out the nuts, remove the housing. Behind the housing, you will see the whole drive bush, the chain, and the saw bar.

Release Tension to Pull the Chain:

Find the pressure wheel right inside the chainsaw bar. Use a flathead screwdriver and turn the screw to one side to release a portion of the pressure and pull the chain away from the sections on the bar. Release the chain from every one of the numbers on the bar until you arrive at the drive sprocket.

Release the Chain from the Bar:

Pull the chain on the drive sprocket to remove the chain totally. The drive gear is a wheel situated under the handle.

Check for Repair or Replacement:

Remove the sharp edge or bar once the chain is taken out. At the point when you remove the bar, you can check and check whether the bar needs fix or should be supplanted.

Measure the Chainsaw Bar:

Spot the sharp edge on a level work surface and measure the bar or an edge with a ruler. Measure the length of the bar beginning to end or take your cutting edge to a nearby home improvement shop and they can get another sharp edge or measure the one you have for you.

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  • The usable length of the chainsaw bar is called length; you need to measure this first.
  • Measure from its front tip to the clutter closet using tape.
  • Sample Continuously round the estimation to the closest even number in inches. Chain bars are indicated distinctly even numbers. For instance, if the length of the bar is 14 ¾ inches, accept it as 16 inches.
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