How to Make a Chainsaw Winch


One of the essentials that one must have in their arsenal is a chainsaw winch. Although it is not something that may come in handy every day, when it does it surely makes a huge difference. As there is a need to lift and move the heavy objects that are all around us. But primarily at the time of hunting and logging, it can be of enormous help, giving that the load can be dragged uphill like a breeze. Owing a winch is a great idea but buying a factory-made winch can weigh down heavy on the pockets. In addition to it, it’s very bulky when brought with its motor.

There is a better alternative to it, than making it for oneself or by DIY. This will not only get the job done but will also save a good amount of money. By following the steps given below with a handful of resources an affordable and effective chainsaw winch can be built. To build it, a chainsaw engine, obviously a chainsaw engine will be required to operate the DIY winch. This is better than the ones available in the market as it can work on the gas as opposed to the electric operated winches. Apart from that, they are also much portable and easy to mount on a stable surface.

Making a Chainsaw Winch:

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Detach the Saw from the Chainsaw Engine:

In order to begin the first thing that needs to be taken care of is detaching the saw from the engine. The process is similar to that of replacing it. For which it should be detached properly and stored to avoid any rust and damage as it must remain intact for future use.

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Check the Condition of the Chainsaw Engine:

Now the condition of the chainsaw engine, its efficiency, and performance must be determined. That can be done by taking into account factors such as how frequently it has been pass through the servicing or not. A faulty chainsaw will result in a faulty winch that won’t be of much use. Apart from that the clutch and throttle must be in nice condition too. As these are the main elements that support the smooth operation of the winch.

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Collect All Parts required to make the Chainsaw Winch:

The chainsaw is already in place and the other part is the winch that can be bought from a store. The steel one is better owing to its rust resistance and heavy load pulling capacity Apart from its pulley, shaft, and other automotive parts are required too, that can be easily obtained from old appliances and vehicles.

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Assemble the Chainsaw winch:

Take an aircraft steel cable and wind it on a capstan to make a capstan winch. Assemble the angles, channel, and flat iron to create the base of the winch. Once you have secured the aircraft Steel cable angle channel and flat iron one need to make the base of the winch out of the same. By using the aircraft steel cable, winding it on the capstan to make the capstan winch Now the gearbox has to be used by removing its tail shaft housing. There is an inner rubber tube of which a piece of rear plate size of the box needs to be cut. Followed by cutting some holes in the rubber on which the main shaft will be affixed. With a gas torch, the main support brackets should be weld along with the cutting of the pieces from a thick u-shaped channel with not less than 3″ˣ10″ˣ3″.

After the base of the winch has been laid down completely, the transmission needs to be fixed permanently against the main shaft of the gearbox. Lastly, a winch handle must be carefully fixed on the framework considering the length of its handle that should belong as well as comfortable enough. This is because the fact that a long handle helps in keeping the winch is stable user-friendly

Now the winch is ready to be used all it needs is just attaching the chainsaw to it and it’s ready to pull the load but it should be ensured that the load chain saw can pull must not be exceeded. Generally speaking of the artificial homemade portable winch will be able to load below 5000 pounds very smoothly and efficiently.

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