How to cut down a small Tree without a Chainsaw


Down cutting or felling down of a tree can be a humongous task depending upon the size and condition of the tree in the question. But it is very important for us to take precaution and use the right cutting tool for down so. Typically speaking of cutting down a tree is something that is better if we leave it for the professional to deal with. But this can be mostly said in the cases whenever the tree is very gigantic and structured or rotten and in a fragile state or simply if we feel very overwhelmed to do.But on the other hand, if we are dealing with a tree of a moderate to small size with which are confident about cutting it on our own then it is something that can be accomplished by us very smoothly. All we need to do is to abide by some certain safety guidelines and use appropriate cutting tools.

There are various cutting techniques as well as tools available that can help us in making his job easier. But if this is the first time that we are going to use any of the heavy power cutting tools then we can also do it under the guidance of some experienced person in our vicinity. From this instead of using the chainsaw we can also go for other options such as the following Chopping Ax, Tree Loppers, Bow Saw, Hatchet Crosscut Saw and etc.

Now when it comes to chopping down a small tree, let’s say we are aiming for cutting a small palm tree. If the tree is leaning and in some direction, it is likely that it will fall in that direction only. A Chainsaw can be a good option here for cutting it down but it will require a huge amount of investment. Let’s say even if one is going to take it on rent, it’s a rental fee that will be too much of an amount especially if it makes us feel uncomfortable using the power tools. Also for a palm tree for any other small tree with a small trunk, there is no need of using a chainsaw. A hand saw or a Chopping Axe can also be an effective cutting tool and will help in taking down the tree effectively. But both the job and tool is quite dangerous hence it is advised to abide by the safety measures. If in case we are not sure it is better to hire a professional to take care of this job in a safe way.


Step 1:

First and foremost it is important that we determine the direction in which we want to make the tree fall. From this direction we must clear obstructions or hazards, that may come their way while falling. And as mentioned above it will fall where it’s leaning. But we can also change its direction by using ropes.


Make a horizontal cut one-third of the way through the trunk in the direction we want it to make it fall in.


After that one should make a diagonal cut below the cut approximately 3 inches below the first cut. Now, one needs to give an upward cut that will meet the base of the first cut. It will result in cutting a wedge of a 30-degree angle.


Everyone in the way of the tree must be warned and cleared out of the way. There is always a slim chance of the tree to “kickback” and fall back onto the felling cut. Therefore anyone who wishes to stand there must be to the left or right of the planned fall direction, and as far as possible.


Finally, make the horizontal cut and start cutting to the opposite side of the notch of the tree roughly 1 inch above the hinge of the notch. Keeping cutting until it begins to fall and announce loudly that the tree is falling keep aside to left or right of the direction.

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