How to Adjust a Poulan Chainsaw Carburetor?


A Poulan Chainsaw carburetor has an individual component to change with a tool to increase or decrease the inactive speed. The carburetor is set effectively at the manufactory, yet changes can be fundamental if the motor runs inadequately, passes on, or runs at a fast. Motors that run at excessively high of a speed can be obliterated or run recklessly. Motors that run at a slower speed than ordinary will slow down and stop, at that point need restarting regularly.


Carburetor Function

A Poulan chainsaw carburetor works similarly as a carburetor on a vehicle or other little motors. The changes by it either make the fuel combination more extravagant, by adding more fuel and oil to the air blend or slenderer, by decreasing the fuel and oil blend proportion to air.

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Inactive Speed Issues

Changes should be made to a carburetor when it kicks the bucket after beginning, is difficult to begin, or passes on under a heap. In these cases, the fuel and oil proportion to air should be improved. If the chainsaw seems as though it is running excessively rich, it will fire up at high rates and make a piercing sound. For this situation, the blend ought to be less fatty to forestall motor harm.


While changing the carburetor, you need to put your Poulan chainsaw on a level surface with the chain overhanging the surface, or move all things so it won’t come into contact with anything. The chain is moving during the change cycle, so you should wear proper protective material including safety glasses, a long-sleeve shirt, long jeans, shut toe shoes, and cowhide gloves.

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High and Low-Speed Adjustments

To change the carburetor inactive speed, find the inactive speed screw marked with a “T” simply over the preliminary bulb. Start the chainsaw as you regularly do and let it still, ensuring the chain doesn’t contact anything. Increase a little level head screwdriver into the inactive speed screw and turn it clockwise to speed up if it sits too gradually. When the chain begins to move, turn the screw counterclockwise until the motor standbys without passing on and the chain quits moving for the right inactive speed.

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Adjusting a Poulan Chainsaw Carburetor

Poulan chains saws run on a two-cycle, or two-stroke, motor. The motor’s fuel is directed by a carburetor. There are focuses, or screws, on a carburetor that can be acclimated to help a motor capacity all the more proficiently. These focus control rapid fuel admission, low-speed fuel admission, and inactive speed.

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Regular Tools

Many chainsaws can be adjusted utilizing a standard screwdriver. Certain models of Poulans, utilize a sort of screw called a “spline screw.” This forte screw must be adjusted by utilizing a spline device. They can be bought from numerous retailers however are not promptly accessible from carburetor producers.

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Carburetor Makers

Poulan utilizes two makers for its carburetors: Zama and Walbro. Both may require the spline gouge device for change. A few models may have a locking cap system on the screws to forestall altering. This little plastic cap can cover one or a few screws and should be taken out before changing. Eliminating it will break the cap, however, trade covers for post-change can be requested from the producers.

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Why is it so Hard?

One reason behind why Poulan at times makes it hard to get to and adjust the carburetor is that changing a carburetor is maybe the most effortless approach to kill your machine. The rapid change screw is especially risky as it can siphon an excessive lot of fuel into your chainsaw, making it surpass the suggested rpm and blowing it out. Makers for the most part prescribe changes following be finished by experts. Safeguard systems like screw locks and uncommon change devices may avert some less-experienced proprietors from endeavoring changes all alone.

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