How does self-sharpening chainsaw work?


We realize that technology is progressing at an extraordinary speed and going from a hatchet to a chainsaw may very well be one of the best progressive progress that we have encountered throughout the existence of the device. Today we can use a chainsaw for chopping down and cutting up trees like a breeze. Yet, regardless of how huge and how amazing a chainsaw we may have, with a dull one it will not cut anything as it is intended to cut or it even will not cut anything at all. However, the amazing news here is that we can sharpen it very quickly, dissimilar to other power tools.

Yet, before that here is a little tip on the best method to understand that if our chainsaw needs some sharpening or not. All we need to achieve for it is to look and analyze how the wood is being ousted by the saw.


File Sharpening:

One approach to sharpening the chain in our chain saw is by the utilization of a file. We need to hand-sharpen the dull chainsaw which is extremely tedious and moderate. Yet, despite what might be expected, when we can go for the electric chainsaw sharpener with which the cycle can go quicker.

We should deal with one thing here that not to sharpen the “rakers”. They are flat bits of metal in the middle of each cutting tooth and are ordinarily short in tallness when contrasted with the cutting teeth. As essentially their motive is to simply go about as deep actions that can help in controlling the depth of the cut into the wood. Assuming we need likely and precise outcomes, we should ensure while hand filing the saw chain, that we mount the file into a sharpening guide.

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Chainsaw File:

Before beginning, we should know the width of the cutting ages just as the pitch or rake point of the cutting edges. We can undoubtedly find the two bits of this information in its manual. The following thing we should do is use a marker to mark the main cutting tooth that we will sharpen. As it is essential to know from where we began the sharpening of the cutting tooth.

Presently we need to take the sharpening aide and spot it on top of the saw with the file leaning against the cutting tooth that we have set apart with ink. Presently by somewhat changing the file and spot the cutting edge in the chainsaw sharpener’s holder and afterward change the point. When everything is set up, the sharpening cycle can be initiated. In any case, we need to turn on the grindstone and gradually lower it on the sharp edge’s initially inked marked tooth. As it will interact with the tooth there will be a few sparkles. The contact should be set up for a brief period followed by the lifting of the processor. After that its tooth’s internal surface should be checked for having a sparkly sharp finish.

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