Guide on How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar?


The bar is the metal part that comes out of the body of the chainsaw and you can see a chain wrapped around it. If you are in search of replacing your chainsaw bar, you need to know the measurement of your bar first. If you are trying to get a new bar, then you also need to know the size of your chain so that you can get a perfect size bar for your chain. You can get a bar in between $20-%50 easily but for that, you need to know the measurement of your bar. Most of the chainsaw bars come in the length between 8-24 inches depending upon the different models of the chainsaw. There are many easy ways to measure the length of a chainsaw bar and here are some of them.


Unplug the spark-plug wire:

First, make the handle of the chainsaw face upwards, by adjusting the chainsaw on a flat surface. Try to find the screws or bolts that are holding the cover on the top of the chainsaw’s body and make use of a screwdriver to lose those bolts. Locate a circular port under the cover, there you will see a black wire plugged in and try to pull out the wire to disconnect the power from the spark plug.

  1. Remember not to measure the bar length when the spark plug is connected or else it will start the saw while you are working.
  2. The position of screws or bolts always depends on the model of the chainsaw.
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Measure from the tip of the bar to where it enters the body for the cutting length:

Get a measuring tape and start measuring from the tip of the bar of the chainsaw to the point where the bar goes inside the chainsaw. Extend the tape to the tip of the bar to measure its length. Now, measure the nearest inch to find the cutting length of your bar.

For example- If you measured 13 5⁄8 inches (35cm) then your bars cutting length will be 14inch (36cm).

Well, most chainsaws have an average cutting length of 14, 16, 18, and 20 inches. The cutting length varies with different models of the chainsaw.

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Take the clutch cover off of the chainsaw to remove the bar:

There are 2 nuts adjusted on the right side of your chainsaw that are holding the clutch cover in its place and now use the wrench to unscrew them. Now, once you unscrew the nuts, remove the cover from the chainsaw to get a complete view of the bar. Before pulling out the bolts, try to move the bare in a forward direction so that it can release from the clutch.

Wear protective gloves, and check out for the brakes of your chainsaw and before your remove, the clutch cover makes it sure that it is locked or else it will become difficult to put it back.

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Measure the bar from end to end to find its true length:

Use the measuring tape to measure from one end of the bar to the tip of it then you will get the true length of the bar. Now rotate the measurement to the nearest inch to find the true length of the bar.

The standard length of the chainsaw bar is between 8-24 inches (20-61cm).

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