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Mini saws are quite popular and one of the highly sought after tools when it comes to pruning, landscape maintenance to light-duty trail maintenance. It is for obvious reasons i.e its compact size and easy handling. Although much smaller and less powerful than the regular size chainsaws, the mini wood cutting chainsaw has its own unique utility. They can effortlessly cut through the branches in compact and awkward spaces. Also, they might not run with crude power but it does not keep them from being any less versatile.But while purchasing one of these versatile and handy tools for oneself, there is more to what meets the eyes.

Why buy

a mini Chainsaw for House Jobs?

Instinctively men like to go for the largest and most powerful saws or any other Machines for that matter, even if it is about getting the jobs done around the home and yard. But this is not always true. Sometimes all one needs is a mini chainsaw and it can get many of the trees that are not very mature and old cut down or trimmed easily.

What are

mini chainsaws used for?

There is an array of functions one can perform with the Mini chainsaws and the same is listed below.

Pruning shrubs:

The mini chainsaw provides sheer precision using which, anyone with some considerable effort can turn a shrub into a piece of art. Mainly it can help with sculpting and uplifting the aesthetics of the green space. It’s designed to be quite a featherweight which allows cutting the over the head hedges, a comparatively easy task. In addition to that, the vibrations are also quite weaker and do not put much strain on the hands while working.

Cutting small tree limbs:

It is not a wise decision to use a large chainsaw on small limbs and branches. For obvious reasons using a mini chainsaw makes up a better option when it comes to shaping the small tree limbs. As a matter of fact, limbs up to 6” in diameter can be easily tackled by using a mini chainsaw.

Cutting lumber for carpentry projects:

If one is up for a DIY carpentry project, wood can be easily procured using a mini change so. As they perform better at handling more delicate organ pieces of food in comparison to their larger counterparts.

As the basics have been covered let’s quickly move to the top three best mini chainsaws, that can help in many ways in working the yard and housework saving time as well as effort.

From simple to complex tasks like pruning, landscape maintenance, sculpting and light-duty trail upkeep, a cordless chainsaw like this MINI Rechargeable Lithium Chainsaw is the best suitable option, it does not only get the job done easily but in a much more efficient way.

It’s also a faster option for you since you won’t have to add fuel like the big standard chainsaws. With our Mini Chainsaw, you’ll only have to add batteries and you’re good to go. It also saves a ton of fuel and makes up a faster option, as with this Mini Chainsaw all one needs to do is just add the batteries and it is all good to go.


Milwaukee M12 HATCHET Pruning Saw

Key details: Chain speed: 5 mps︱Weight: 4.1 lbs ︱ Maximum cut diameter: 5.5”

Milwaukee with HATCHET has achieved a significant feat, by packing lots of power and features into a small, almost handheld package weighing only 4 pounds. Despite being lightweight, its 6” guide bar exceeds other mini chainsaws, which are generally, on average, 4”. As a result one can conveniently cut larger tree limbs or even trunks without the trouble of moving the tool all around the place. The M12 HATCHET has a great chain speed of 5 meters per second and certainly outperforms some 8” and 10” chainsaws as well.

The HATCHET uses an M12 battery that can be used with over 50 other Milwaukee tools. It provides the additional space for some more batteries that will keep the work going. When it comes to safety, they do provide a double button activation, but still, there is no blade guard,

One of the very significant features of HATCHET that makes it stand apart is its automatic oiler, which keeps the chain optimally lubricated and also avoids any slippage. This also means additional working time as one doesn’t have to stop in the middle to just oil the chain over and over again.

Lastly, talking about its only downside, its high price. It cost around the same (with battery included) or even more than some of the regular-sized chainsaws. But at the end of the day, it’s unrivaled in its category.

Product information
Item Weight‎5 pounds
Item Dimensions‎17.72 x 9.33 x 4.25 inches
Power Source‎Air Powered
Blade Length‎6 Inches
Batteries Included?‎No
Batteries Required?‎Yes


Stihl GTA 26 Cordless Garden Pruner

Key details: Chain speed: 8 mps︱Weight: 3.1 lbs ︱ Maximum cut diameter: 5.5”

The GTA 26 is one of the most popular mini chainsaw models by Stihl, as it was the first of its kind handheld chainsaw to launch in the market and take over it immediately. It has a very compact size and it’s quite lightweight. With the capacity to generate 8 mps of chain speed, it is surely a little monster and packs more power than Milwaukee. It is powerful enough to cut 1” to 4” diameter branches easily. But owing to its 4” length, it is not the same as cutting thick branches and it demands a little more effort and different maneuvering. Given that, with some patience, it can cut through much thicker trunks.

The GTA 26 sports a protector on the upper side of the bar and chain which is an added safety feature but it may prove annoying for users. This safety feature is more or less necessary as the saw only weighs 3 pounds, and devoids it of the stability of a larger, heavier chainsaw.

All in all, it is ergonomically well designed and the rubber-coated handle makes it easy to grip and absorbs most of the vibrations quite successfully.


Ryobi 18V One 8 Pruning Chainsaw

Key details: Chain speed: 5 mps︱Weight: 6 lbs ︱ Maximum cut diameter: 4”

Good handheld chainsaws like this are mostly hard to find because of budgetary constraints. But Ryobi 8” Pruning Chainsaw provides a viable option. It is built along the lines of a regular two-handed chainsaw, but it’s exquisitely smaller than most of its counterparts, only weighing 6 pounds.

It’s just as powerful as the Milwaukee at 5 mps of chain speed, so it will chew through 4” branches pretty fast. It’s not only powerful though. The Ryobi is designed with safety in mind. When handling such lightweight tools, accidents can happen before you even notice. This Ryobi has a guard right on the tip of the bar and chain to avoid bounce backs if you hit something hard. It also has a second handle on the top for more stability, and a chain break right in front of it in case your hand slips.

This pruning mini chainsaw is quite powerful when it comes to power, with a 5 mps of chain speed, it can effortlessly take care of 4” branches. With power comes safety concern, which is covered by the guard on the tip of the bar and chain which protects from any unforeseen events like hitting something hard and the recoil or bounce back that comes after it. To add to its stability this chainsaw also has a second handle on the top and a chain break right in front of it.


These were some of the best rechargeable mini wood cutting lithium chainsaws that can surely make gardening, pruning and other light-duty work much easier. The following list was prepared considering various factors like performance, ergonomics and budgetary needs of the users. Hopefully, it may have helped out on finally settling for the mini chainsaw one is looking for.

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