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There are varieties of a chainsaw in the market and you can make use of it for cutting trees or any type of wood like butter. But many times common problems occur with most of the chainsaw owners, that their blade becomes dull with regular use. To improve the performance of your blade you need to a proper sharpening of your blade to make the edges of the blade sharp.

Here is the Full Guide for

Chainsaw Blade Direction:

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Check from the top view:

When you see from the top, you will notice that the top of the chain contains a blade. The blades on the chain contain two edges, the top one is sharp and the down one is dull. The rotation of the chain in a chainsaw always rotates in a clockwise direction.

No matter how good a chainsaw you that the process of rotation is always the same in every chainsaw. That is the reason the blade in the chainsaw always rotates clockwise. When you take a view from the top, you will see that the sharp edge is facing the chainsaw and in the opposite direction of the motor

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Check from side and front view:

Start checking from the side view, in such a way that you are watching the chainsaw blade from the right side and the chainsaw engine from the left-hand side. If you are following the same way, then check that the direction of the blade should be from the left to the right in a clockwise direction and this way is the right direction of the blade. If you try to see from the wrong side then the blade will move in the opposite direction.

Try to check your saw from the front view now, if you see the blade moving upside down then your blade is in the right direction. If it rotates backward then it is in the wrong direction.

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Check from bottom view:

Well, logically the bottom view will be the opposite of the top view. If the direction of the chainsaw blade is in right then you will see that the blades are facing toward the body or the engine of the chainsaw, and the sharp edge of the blade will move in clockwise directions. If somehow it’s not working means there is some problem with your low-budget chainsaw.

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How to put a chain on a chainsaw:

If your blade is working in the right direction then the working of your chainsaw is fine. But if it’s not working in the right direction, don’t worry because you can easily reset it.

Try to reattach the chain bar to the chainsaw body. Adjust the bar after you attached the chain to the bar, try to get the perfect length of the bar according to the fitting requirement of the chain. Now put the chain on the bar, loose chain fitting is perfect but doesn’t tight the chain fitting.

Now the blade on the chain will move in the right direction without any interception.

When you finished the Bar attaching, chain mounting, checking chain blade direction, now is the time to tighten the blade so that it runs without any disturbance. Just remember not to do it too tight or else you will problem working with the chainsaw.

If you follow these steps then your chainsaw will work perfectly. But still, if you get problems, it means that your chain blade becomes dull and you need to sharpen your blade.

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