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When it comes to taking care of heavier workload and dealing with laborious cutting jobs chainsaws are a very essential part of it. Today, if one looks at the market. One can find an array of chainsaw brands, promising an array of things.

Black Max stands at the top as one of the most renowned hardware and tools companies. Blackmax with its lightweight and ergonomic design gives a surreal cutting experience executing any job.

About Black Max

It is but natural to look after the name of the brand or the company of the product from which when is ought to buy something. Talking about electronic devices one is bound to confuse as a bulk of them come with a “manufactured in China” tag. Although they are budget-friendly the build quality is not that promising.

Needless to say, an indigenous and homegrown product is definitely more reliable and trustworthy. And yes, the companies that makes and owns Black max chainsaws Stanley Black & Decker Corporation are reputed American company.

Stanley Black & Decker is a global brand with over 175 years of experience and expertise. Frederick Stanly started a shop in New Britain in 1843 and in 1910 Duncan Black & Alonzo Decker started their first shop in Baltimore. In the year 2010, they merge under the name of Stanley Black & Decker. After which they kept growing and expanding as one of the most superior industrial brands around the world. With premium-quality, innovation, precision, and operational discipline.

Let’s get to the main part, where the main black max chainsaw models will be discussed at length. With a glance at a couple of alternatives from similar brands will as well. Enjoy this list of black max chainsaw reviews, which will hopefully provide clarity on picking the right cutting tool.

Why Black Max Chainsaw?

The beauty of Black Max Chainsaws lies in its ease of cutting on account of its lightweight i.e. 12 pounds. The anti-vibe system adds to the smoothness and efficiency of this unit. It also boasts of raw power and superior quality enough to get the jobs done all thanks to Stanley Black & Decker who have set the standards high.

They also have given good thought to their customer’s safety and convenience. As they provide a tough plastic case where this beast can be kept when not in use.


Black Max 20-Inch Gas Chainsaw

50Cc 2-Cycle Engine

Blackmax 20-inch 50cc Chainsaw is a perfect fit for taking care of all the medium-heavy duty cutting needs. It can also easily help to cleave the logs of firewood as well as takedown, medium-sized trees, slash through the brush and deal with the storm damage and clutter.

The powerful 50cc engine provides a maximum cut diameter of 18-inch, enabling us to hack through the toughest of wood effortlessly. This heavy-duty gas Powered saw comes with a 20-inch bar and chain. With an automatic oiler to keep it going on and on without a break or fear of losing the chain in the middle of an operation. Black Max 20-Inch chainsaw also features a Tool-less filter cover that ensures hassle-free operation. That comes with a side h access chain tensioning making adjustments as easy as possible.

Lastly, to make things more convenient and user-friendly, the anti-vibration system drastically increases operation use. It takes hand fatigue and physical exertion out of the equation and makes things much simpler and better.

Black Max 20-Inch Gas Chainsaw

Blackmax 20-inch 50cc Chainsaw is a perfect fit for taking care of all the medium-heavy duty cutting needs. The powerful 50cc engine provides a maximum cut diameter of 18-inch, enabling us to hack through the toughest of wood effortlessly.
Engine50cc 2-Cycle
Chain.325″ Full Complement
Chain Gauge.050″
Drive Links78
Weight11.3 lbs.
  • 50cc engine for faster cutting.
  • Anti-vibration system for increased comfort during use.
  • Automatic oiler extends bar & chain life.
  • Tool-less filter cover for hassle-free operation.
  • Side access chain tensioning for easy adjustments.
  • Fully assembled.
  • 3-year limited warranty.
  • 50 gauge chain with 78 drive lengths for maximum cutting ability.


2. Black Max 38cc 2-Cycle Engine

16-inch Gas Chainsaw

The powerful Black Max 2-Cycle 16-inch Chainsaw is the perfect deal meeting all the cutting needs that one may expect from the heavy-duty beast on the market. It is apt enough to cover all the range of jobs one is planning to do. Owing to its ease of use and powersome 38cc engine, the CV chainsaw derives all the power it needs to complete any job at one’s hand. In terms of durability and effectiveness too, it outranks the average oned by far.

The chainsaw comes fully assembled and ready to roll. This Black Max 38cc sports an automatic oiler that prolongs the life of the bar and chain. The chain brake along with the bar tip ensures smooth and safer operation and hassle-free cutting. Without the worry of pausing in between to keep an eye on the chain or oiling it for that matter.

Another great feature one can find is its anti-vibe system that increases user comfort and helps to take on any job without the fear of getting exhausted or fear of numbing hands.

Black Max 38cc 2-Cycle Engine

This powerful Black Max 2-Cycle 16-inch Chainsaw is a great solution for all your cutting needs. Loaded with a 38cc engine, this chainsaw provides all the power you need to get even the toughest jobs done.
Engine38cc 2-Cycle
Chain3/8″ Low Profile
Chain Gauge0.50″
Drive Links56
Weight11.5 Ibs
  • 38cc Engine for Ultimate Power.
  • Automatic Oiler Extends Bar and Chain Life.
  • Fully-Assembled.
  • Lightweight and Smooth Operation.
  • Anti-Vibe System for Increased User Comfort.
  • Chain Brake and Tip Guard for Safer Operation.
  • Side Access Chain Tensioning for Easy Adjustment.

A Detailed Overlook

It’s having an incredibly powerful engine that boasts a 38CC cylinder displacement. Although it’s a 2-cycle engine that comes with a 2-cycle engine lubricants. But it is more than enough to get the job done.

Talking about maintenance and it’s automated oiling system. Primarily as the name suggests, it is an automated chain oiler that injects an adequate amount of lube into the chain at the time operating the chainsaw. This not only smoothens the chain but also gives a boost to the chainsaw’s efficacy and functioning.

Chain breaks make a very crucial aspect of buying a chainsaw, especially if when the user is just a beginner or even an intermediate. This feature ensures safety as well as makes the user feel much more confident while operating the chainsaw.In addition that chain brake might save from any occasional mishaps that may occur while operating. Quality is one vital aspect of this chainsaw that adds to its durable functionality as well as the excellent performance it has to offer. Without investing extra time,money and effort. It renders top-notch performance everytime it is on the field.

Final say

So there it is, the top models of Black max Chainsaw review. Hopefully, it will help in navigating through seemingly unending choices that the manufacturers have to offer. And will eventually help in cutting down to the right pick. The Black max chainsaw is sturdy and has a robust design that adds up to excellent performance. Which comes with the trust and reliability of a homegrown company. Although they lack somewhere to offer choices to their customers. But on the brighter side, they have invested everything they have got in these models to make them perfect and an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to buy a Black Max chainsaw.

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