The task of clearing out tree limbs or even cutting some logs for the fireplace sounds cumbersome. Let alone if one does not have the right tool, it can really cost an arm and leg to get the job done. From the previous experiences or reviews from the chopping community, one might know that all the chainsaws are designed for certain purposes. And in case one has sifted down to settle for getting the Best 18-inch chainsaw in the market, look no further, because this is the right place.

It’s not common knowledge that the size of the bar on their chainsaw makes all the difference and the notion “the bigger the better” doesn’t really cut in here. As if opting in for a 24-inch bar isn’t going to be much use when, what all one has to do is trimming, pruning, and some light cutting. On the contrary, the size just makes things more cumbersome incurring more cost and consuming more time than the right tool fit for the job should.

Talking of the right tool, an 18-inch chainsaw is kind of one size that almost fits all of the tasks, as it just happens to be the right size for most tasks. But what can change things is the fact that what powers the machine. As it can certainly make it great or better at certain tasks. This is for you to decide, after skimming through the detailed review of some of the Best 18-inch chainsaws are on the market right now.


Husqvarna 450E

Gas Powered Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 450E is the latest release in the market by the chainsaw giant Husqvarna, the predecessor of the normal 450. Which means it inherits a lot of features from the old unit. But what really sets it apart from the old unit is its new feature i.e. Husqvarnas Smart Start technology. What’s there in it? It makes it a lot easier than ever to start and makes it one of Husqvarnas easiest ever. The pull cord just records a little drift to spark the engine. Another thing that makes Husqvarna 450E worthwhile is its very reliable 50.2cc engine that generates roughly 3.2hp, which is a lot more power than for which this unit was originally designed. Although it’s a machine that boasts of its raw power and wholesome cutting experience, there is one downside to it. While starting it up for the very first time it takes drag to warm up. This is more evident especially if one has experience with the old 450 models. But this changes as it really gets going and warms up a bit. It easily cut through some 34-inch oak logs and some logs that were even 36 inches in diameter. It only gets better and better after the first initial start-up issue and lives to its name and giving an impressive performance later.

Apart from this, it does not have any form of case to protect this unit which is a little disappointing at this price range. But rest assured the Husqvarna 450E is worth every dime and is a reliable powerful chainsaw perfect to get the job done right. Although it falls somewhere on the upper side of the price range, eventually this machine will pay for itself. But if someone is exploring a more economic unit, the next one on the list will fit the requirement.

Chain speed at max power17.3 m/s
Cylinder displacement50.2 cm³
Power output2.4 kW
Power SourceGas Powered
Horsepower3.2 hp
Recommended bar length, min33 cm
Recommended bar length, max50 cm
Chain typeSP33G
Bar length50 cm
Bar length (inch)20 in
Weight (excl. cutting equipment)5.1 kg
Item Dimensions LxWxH85.1 x 45.7 x 22.9 Centimeters
Item Weight11.3 Pounds
Sound and Noise
Sound pressure level at operators ear104 dB(A)
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)115 dB(A)

Maxlander 15 Amp Power Chain

Why should they hunt for Best 18 inch chainsaw be restricted to the gasoline-powered heavy-duty chainsaw? As mentioned above, different units powered by different means are also very instrumental in determining the needs and performance the user expects. Maxlander 15 Amp Power Chain comes up here as an alternative for its counterpart if we do not want to go heavy and all out but still put that 18-inch bar to some good use.

Being an electric chainsaw it is not just on par with its counterparts but also does great in handling the usual electric chainsaw issues. Starting from short running time & overheating to chain tensioning. Also when it comes to doing wood log in backyard garden ranch or big wood log-tree cutting the 15 AMP electric chainsaw corded with 16m/s high chain speed with 18-inch the bar is the perfect tool and handles the job effortlessly.

Item Weight‎12 pounds
Package Dimensions‎21 x 9.5 x 9 inches
Size‎18 Inch
Power Source‎Ac
Chain Speed16 meter_per_second

Echo CS400

If you are on a budget and looking for the perfect 18-inch chainsaw for the money? Echo CS400 can be just the perfect pick. The Echo CS400 comes with a 40.2cc engine, which maxes out around 1.25 horsepower. That is good enough to tear through hardwood, as well as the larger branches. It is lightweight but provides an incredible ratio of power to usability. But on the downside, it also gives a hard time getting it rolling. In addition to it, the chain came loose more often than other 18-inch saws that we saw on the list.

As for the price range for an 18inch saw, it is the best one could ask for. But that also comes at a price, which is a lack of warranty. Overall the weight and power still make a perfect match as far as 18-inch gas chainsaws go and performance-wise also it will do more than satisfactory.

Engine Displacement (cc)40.2
Starting Systemi-30™
Ignition SystemDigital
Oiling SystemAutomatic/Adjustable
Available Bar Lengths (in)16, 18
Fuel Capacity (fl. oz.)13.9
Carburetor (w/Purge Pump)Butterfly-Valve Diaphragm
Warranty5 year consumer / 1 year commercial


Talking about the market of 18-inch bar chainsaws there is an abundance of options and brands to choose from. But if someone wants only the best 18-inch chainsaws based upon performance, price, and power type. Following are the well-researched and tested options put forth to choose from. But before bagging any of the above-mentioned chainsaws, it is essential to consider and reconsider the kind of job where one needs to put the chainsaw to some use.Before placing an order, reiterate the fact of what your regular work looks like. Is it cutting down a whole tree? And clearing storms hit trees? If yes then Husqvarna 450E Gas Powered chainsaw will be the best choice. If it’s only about limbing, sculpture work, and cutting firewood, then the battery-operated chainsaw Maxlander 15 Amp Power Chain is the ideal one. And lastly if budget is a constraint but power and performance is the need Echo CS400 just fits in the description right.

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