Are Poulan Chainsaws any good?


If we talk about popular chainsaw brands, Poulan chainsaw is one of them. Poulan chainsaw is owned by Husqvarna, but their components are not manufactured in the same company that’s why Poulan provides a high-quality product but cheaper than Husqvarna.

Poulan chainsaw is a heavy-duty chainsaw, which you can get at a very affordable price. It can be used by both professional and non-professional users as it provides better safety, they are easy to use and handle, they are heavy but gives you an easy starting. If you go for light and medium-duty chainsaws, you will get them at a cheaper cost than a heavy-duty chainsaw. The Poulan believes in providing the best-quality professional-grade tools and has also improved them in providing best performance battery machines.

If you want a small or larger chainsaw at an affordable price then Poulan gives you the options for both gas and battery-powered machines.

Poulan always tries to provide the best quality product to their customers and it goes the same for their gas-powered chainsaw which is very comfortable to use and is a very fuel-efficient machine and it also does not give any vibration that most of the gas-powered machines do.

If we talk about a battery-powered chainsaw, these are the most common and most salad product of the Poulan brand because they have an excellent hand in providing high-quality machines at a very reasonable price to their customers. The Poulan Pro PB4014 is one of the best battery-powered models they have produced and also they are the best option if you are in search of light or medium-duty machines.

Most of the chainsaws that Poulan provides have 2-stroke engines and most of them run at higher RPMs.

Benefits of Poulan Pro:

The Poulan Pro gas-powered chainsaw provides a 2-stroke engine that consists of gas and a mixture of oil. When you have a large engine size, you will need greater displacement and power to run the chain. Most of the professionals will suggest getting a 50cc engine tool as it can power a longer bar and chain and will also help in the powerful and smooth cutting.

The OxyPower engines are mainly designed to compete with gas-powered machines but are mostly eco-friendly electric-powered chainsaws. It also helps in reducing 70% less emission and 20% less fuel than a gas-powered chainsaw.

Many times a chainsaw requires heavy force to pull the start and also you need to put additional stress and strain with every pull, so the Poulan has formed an effortless pull starting system that helps in reducing 30% of pull force than other models and you will need just a few pulls to start your machine.

The powerful 50cc engine provides a 20-inch length for both bar and chain that can handle up to 18-inch of powerful cutting. Well, the model also provides an automatic oiler system that gives you a consistent flow of oil through the bar and chain to make the chain work smoothly.

Many professional users feel a similar problem when they use large engine machines as it causes more vibration and will let you experience fatigue over time.

The Poulan Pro technology has created an advanced anti-vibration that will help in performing for a long duration with smooth cutting and less stress to your body.

So, yes Poulan chainsaw is good for use because they provide high-quality products which are easy to use and you can get them at a very reasonable price.

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